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  • [Article 6328]Major Havoc board (1)

    I’ve a not working Major Havoc board.

    Let’s go to have a look to this rare board.


    It has the “Quad Pokey” installed. In the same picture you can see the SN UR148



    First of all as you can see it is quite different from all other (vector) atari boards. Vector D/A circuit is more complex than usual.




    It has some “wires” and actually I dunno if these additional wires are factory modifications or not.

    As you can see in the 3rd picture and in the next one this board was dedicated to the prototype TOLLIAN’S WEB so I don’t know if the modifications are due to adapt the board to the final software release.majorhavoc08

    RAMs and ROMs have been verified and seem to be ok.



  • [Article 6316]Troubleshooting Asteroids PCB (4)

    Problem solved.

    After checking  (as suggested in the VECTORLIST) the Vector Timer Circuit, with a particular attention to 74LS83 ( four-bit adder) at location M, I expanded my research to all the data flow from the ROMs to the XY Position counters. Everything seemed to be ok but paying attention to the scope I could see signal LOAD6  was different from other LOAD* signals. Replacing 74367 at locatio H6 the problem was solved.


  • [Article 6307]Troubleshooting Asteroids PCB (3)

    Ok, I spent a bit of time to understand what happened.

    I could solve the problem number 1, now all the screen is used. I just replaced a 74191 in F9 position. UNMDACY11 was always low.




    Now I’ve one problem only. The game starts, the TEST doesn’t show anything wrong but what I see is very strange. All DIP SWITCHES were in the same position so the language is SPANISH with 2 COINS PER 1 GAMES. As you can see the problem affects some asteroids (just one on the left ) and the alphanumeric messages.



    zoomed “2 FICHAS 1 JUEGO”


    as you can see the message moves downwards and “ASTEROIDS BY ATARI” is not shown.

    I’m quite blocked now because I checked all Y circuits from the output to the VECTOR ADDRESS COUNTERS…

    ROMs have been checked and vector RAMs replaced.

  • [Article 6300]Troubleshooting Asteroids pcb (2)

    Checking the counters I found a faulty 74191 in D9. Replacing it I can see something better:


    but the vectors seem to be “sampled” vertically. After a fast look I found pin 19 and 20 shorted of 74374 in B10 position.

    This is the situation now:asteroids pcb oo3

    There are 2 problems:

    1. 25% of the screen is not used
    2. all labels are corrupted

    the next picture shows better the problems



  • [Article 6012]Omega Race (2) :: Initial conditions

    Directly from US I bought this Omega Race few years ago. Unfortunately the cab has been damaged during the transport but it’s complete and this is enough to decide to restore it.

    I didn’t take pics when the cab arrived because it was covered by other cabs. anyway you can understand the conditions through these pics

    the grid picjed a knock
    the grid picjed a knock
    metal edges are dirty but in decent conditions
    metal edges are dirty but in decent conditions
    THis is a problem: edges on the back are completely "frayed" because of the umidity or I don't know what
    THis is a problem: edges on the back are completely “frayed” because of the umidity or I don’t know what


    the rest…

    this is the most important problem:

    the cabinet was splitting in two parts.


  • [Article 6003]ARCADEITALIA 2016

    Prima di intervenire su un cab è importante capire quali interventi fare. Può essere utile stilare una check list con i punti di interesse poi da sistemare nell’ordine più opportuno. Solitamente procedo come segue:

    1. Parte interna del mobile (legno, plastiche, metallo, …)
    2. Fondo
    3. Cablaggio interno e alimentazioni
    4. Monitor (pulizia e sistemazione)
    5. Parte posteriore e back panel
    6. Mobile esterno
    7. Coin door
    8. Comandi
    9. Scheda e Monitor (parti elettroniche)

    So che proceduralmente mettere in fondo la sistemazione della scheda può sembrare anomalo, ma dopo molti anni ho capito che se il gioco è funzionante la mia soglia di “restauro accettabile” si abbassa molto, quindi per evitare la tentazione di archiviare il progetto come finito e passare ad altro preferisco tenerlo non funzionante fino alla fine.

    Le parti di un cab possono essere identificate secondo diversi criteri; io lavoro su una matrice che prima di tutto seleziona le tipologie di materiali o tipologie funzionali:

    1. Legno
    2. Metallo
    3. Plastica
    4. Vetro
    5. Carta
    6. Comandi
    7. Cablaggi (rete, alta tensione, bassa tensione)
    8. Alimentazione
    9. TV
    10. Audio
    11. Gioco
    12. Eventuali altre parti

    Ognuna di queste categorie può riguardare l’interno o l’esterno del mobile. Questa differenza è fondamentale perché le parti interne non sono soggette a usura diretta e inoltre solitamente non sono a vista (a prescindere dal cardboard o altre poche parti)

    Tecnicamente ogni singolo punto identificato dall’incrocio di queste due liste potrebbero essere affrontate con tecniche, strumenti e metodi differenti.

    Ecco una sommaria matrice di identificazione dei punti di restauro.

    Oggetto dell’intervento



    LEGNO Side art

    Parte frontale

    Parte superiore

    Parte posteriore fissa

    Back panel


    Altre parti (pannelli ecc.)

    Interni invisibili

    Interni visibili

    METALLO Control panel

    Viti in genere

    Coin door

    Cash door


    Interno della gettoniera

    Cash box

    Staffe e sostegni

    Altre parti in metallo

    PLASTICA / VETRO T-molding

    Control panel


    Vetro anteriore

    Specchio semiriflettente
    CARTA Instruction card




    Altri comandi / FF

    sw e pot. interni
    CABLAGGIO DI RETE Cavo esterno di alimentazione Interruttore

    Filtro di rete



    Alimentazione TV

    CABLAGGIO BASSE TENSIONI Cab. basse tensioni

    Cab. altoparlanti

    Cab. video

    Cab. comandi

    ALIMENTAZIONE Trasformatori

    Schede di alimentazione

    TV Masse



    AUDIO Altoparlanti


    GIOCO Scheda / Schede




  • [Article 5373]Verni-Morè Arcade Summer Party 2015



    Starting from this year the traditional VASP becomes VMASP, Verni-Morè Arcade Summer Party. In fact, my party fuses with Paola’s birthday party.

    So, we had more or less 60 people there. As usual BBQ and Arcades.

    This year we had a live-music group (Lack of bits). Its production is 8-bit music or inspired 8-bit music.

  • Today I introduced this “News” category and transformed the home page into a “last posts” page.

    I think “ARCADES – MY COLLECTION” section has been completed, although I have to upload some items…
    For instance MONZA GP is not an up-right but a cabaret (is it correct to assume that mini up-rights and cabarets are the same typology?)
    and In The Hunt PCB is original, not a bootleg…