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  • [Article 6391]Imola GP :: Initial conditions

    Years ago, Wiz (www.tilt.it) gave me this IMOLA GP. Build in Imola (IT) by Angelo Arena (Arena Games) or Bacchilega (both from Imola). Actually I’m not sure because main Board has “A.A.”  and score board “BACCHILEGA” printed on.

    I shot these pics after  I removed most of the parts. Cabinet is complete even if graphics is compromised.

    First to do list is:

    • Monitor to be repaired (broken tube, modern Hantarex chassis)
    • Pedal: rusted
    • Coin door: broken (plastic) frame, missing parts, …
    • Cash door: missing lock
    • Speaker grid: ok, just dirty.
    • Monitor fame: ok
    • Monitor glass: ok
    • Score glass: bad conditions, some parts are missing, printing is removing from the glass
    • Side arts: both have missing parts, scratches everywhere.
    • PCB: not working
    • Power supply: original transformer is inside
    • Control panel: ok, just dirty

  • [Article 6398]Imola GP :: Score glass

    Score glass is in bad conditions.


    EPSON MFP image

    After a good scan I vectorized all parts and I reproduced it on a plexi


    This cabinet had been designed by “mike”, a famous graphic designer that signed a lot of Italian pinballs.




    This is the result compared to the original. Obviously the original marquee will be preserved into my archive.


  • [Article 6419]Imola GP :: PCB (1)

    The game doesn’t work properly. This is the board:


    I can see there are other versions around Europe, like this one.

    The architecture seems to be the same but it uses different EPROMs and RAMs are located in a different position.
    The program seems to run correctly but graphics is corrupted.

    First of all I replaced a couple of resistors and one transistor but this work wasn’t related to the graphics problems


    As usual I replaced some components (with rusted pins) but I had no results. RAMs are on sockets so I easily replaced them.

    All ROMs have been compared with M.A.M.E. IMOLA GP SET-1 and all of them are correct.

    Actually I was wondering which kind of component is the blue one:imolagp1110

    I think it is a resistor network like this:


    but I’m not sure.


    So now I’m waiting for replacements. I’m concentrated on the buffers and in general on the data/address buses from CPU to video RAMs


    So I’ll continue to work on it once the DM81LS95N will arrive.


  • [Article 6441]Imola GP :: Wood (1)

    Side arts are in good general conditions. After removing the old side arts I had just cleaning.

    More peculiar the conditions of the front side. Probably something happened in the years and I found some damages. All the front part is vertically broken.

    So I used glue to repair the parts and wood putty to fill all splits.

    Then I used a white primer to give an homogeneous surface.


  • [Article 6460]Imola GP :: Coin door and cash door

    Both in awful conditions…

    Actually I had no time to clean the coin door so I decided to replace it with another one I had. Original coin door will be stored for future uses. So I cleaned the new coin door and cash door painting their frames in black (glossy… probably matte should be better…). Then I cleaned and de-rusted all internal parts replacing what missing or broken. After cleaning I plated to protect metals.


    After that I reassembled all parts and remounted on the cab adding the locks.

    That’s all at the moment.