[Article 6419]Imola GP :: PCB (1)

The game doesn’t work properly. This is the board:


I can see there are other versions around Europe, like this one.

The architecture seems to be the same but it uses different EPROMs and RAMs are located in a different position.
The program seems to run correctly but graphics is corrupted.

First of all I replaced a couple of resistors and one transistor but this work wasn’t related to the graphics problems


As usual I replaced some components (with rusted pins) but I had no results. RAMs are on sockets so I easily replaced them.

All ROMs have been compared with M.A.M.E. IMOLA GP SET-1 and all of them are correct.

Actually I was wondering which kind of component is the blue one:imolagp1110

I think it is a resistor network like this:


but I’m not sure.


So now I’m waiting for replacements. I’m concentrated on the buffers and in general on the data/address buses from CPU to video RAMs


So I’ll continue to work on it once the DM81LS95N will arrive.