Just an overview

Years ago I picked up this CATERPILLAR made by OLYMPIA. It is a CENTIPEDE clone (I think) under license. PCB is very similar to the Atari board but the most important difference is the control panel; in fact this cabinet version was born with a joystick and not with a trackball. Original Atari board supports both kind of controls and Olympia board does the same.

These are the initial conditions

As you can see side arts are in very good conditions. The designer of this cab is very famous in Italy; he is Cortez (Luigi Corteggi). He drawn a lot of comics covers in the past and designed some other Olympia cabinets as Vega and Portraits.

Marquee is not in good conditions. Blue is crappy and when the back light is on the resulting image is bad.

Actually I’ve seen coin doors in bad conditions and so this is quite good. Just dirty and a bad sticker.

This is the control panel. Very bad. The cabinet had been converted in I don’t know what but for sure this happened several times…