Astro Wars

  • Manufacturer: Zaccaria
  • Year: 1979

Useful info

  • Cabinet type: Upright
  • Measures (WxHxD): 63,8 x 176,0 x 73,2 cm
  • Working voltage: 220V
  • Maximum consumption: 158,0W 0,935A
  • Technology: Vertical color raster monitor
The game is the classic space shooter. The player controls a spaceship that must destroy different types of enemies; each enemy represents a different game level. If at least one of the enemies manages to overtake the player’s ship then this moves upward, making the battle more difficult. To make everything with more adrenaline there is a “Fuel” bar that does not decrease with time or movement but shooting, so you have to be careful and shoot only without fail because if the fuel ends the game ends too. The game ends with a boss; once destroyed allows to restart the turn of the enemies with full fuel.

The game in the collection is the version produced by the Italian company Zaccaria although the game itself is a remake of Astro Fighter from SEGA / GREMLIN. The conditions are excellent even if one of the side art has a little visible burn. All parts are original, even internally.

Initial conditions

20 April 2014

I found this cabinet during 2013 in bad conditions: a lot of excrement and rust inside, board missing and a lot of work to do… Here some pictures taken when the cab arrived into my garage…

astrowars_resto_01 astrowars_resto_02 astrowars_resto_03 astrowars_resto_04 astrowars_resto_05 astrowars_resto_06 astrowars_resto_07 astrowars_resto_08 astrowars_resto_09

Coin box

20 April 2014

Coin box had some rust and I decided to applied the usual method:

  • sanding
  • derusting with derust paint
  • cold galvanizing (with spray)

Here just 2 pics before-after….

astrowars_coinbox01 astrowars_coinbox02

Astro Wars :: Coin door – Before

20 April 2014
This is the coin door. astrowars_coindoor_01 astrowars_coindoor_02 astrowars_coindoor_03 astrowars_coindoor_04 astrowars_coindoor_05

Astro Wars :: Coin door – After

20 April 2014
Usual job and the miraculous abrasive sponge… astrowars_coindoor_06 astrowars_coindoor_07 astrowars_coindoor_08 astrowars_coindoor_09 astrowars_coindoor_10

Astro Wars :: Power supply

20 April 2014
I had to remove the biggest part of the soldered components but in this way I had the opportunity to clean deeply the board and to check more or less everything. astrowars_power_01 astrowars_power_02 astrowars_power_03 astrowars_power_04

Astro Wars :: Cleaning inside

20 April 2014
This is the result after removing everything and cleaning… Dscn0452 Dscn0456 Dscn0487 Dscn0489

Astro Wars :: Wiring and PCB

20 April 2014
I remade all wiring and placed the PCB in its original position. Only after some days I discovered the board originally was upside-down… to late to re-cabling the cab 🙂 Bela sent me 2 not working board-sets: I had been lucky and I culd repair both of them in few days. I sent one to its owner and the other one is what you see in my pics. astrowars_pcb_02 astrowars_pcb_03 astrowars_pcb_04 astrowars_pcb_05 astrowars_pcb_01

Astro Wars :: Connectors

20 April 2014
I had to find a solution for the missing connectors. I used a bi-component epoxy plastic and a standard pin strip. 2013-06-28 04.11.14 2013-06-28 04.12.01 2013-06-28 04.14.42 2013-06-28 04.26.12

Astro Wars :: MTC90 monitor

21 April 2014
I had a MTC90 chassis but I needed some weeks to find a compatible CRT. Then a good cleaning and a fast recap were enough to have a working monitor. astrowars_monitor01 astrowars_monitor02 astrowars_monitor03 astrowars_monitor04 astrowars_monitor05

Astro Wars :: Final result – Inside

21 April 2014
This is the final result once everything was in its own place… astrowars_inside_03 astrowars_inside_01 astrowars_inside_02

Astro Wars :: Final result – Outside

21 April 2014
And this is the cab as it is today astrowars_01 astrowars_02 astrowars_03 astrowars_04 astrowars_05 astrowars_06 astrowars_07 astrowars_08 astrowars_09