• Manufacturer: Atari / F.lli Bertolino
  • Year: 1974

Useful info

  • Cabinet type: Upright
  • Measures (WxHxD): 65,5 x 141,2 x 61,0 cm
  • Working voltage: 220V
  • Maximum consumption: 92,5W 0,450A
  • Technology: Horizontal B/W raster monitor
Tank is a very famous two-player game. The view is from above and each player pilots a tank (one white and one black) using a couple of  two position joysticks for each player. The movements are explained on the glass of the game: to go forward it is necessary to push forward both levers, to turn to the right you have to push forward the left lever and back the right lever and so on. The similarity with the track controls is immediate. The two tanks move in a maze and once within range they can shoot themselves. The player who hits the opponent more times during the fixed time game wins.

The cabinet in the collection is very small compared to the original but not enough to be considered a “Cabaret” or “Mini”, as they were called. Its anomalous dimensions are due to the fact that this model was produced by F.lli Bertolino of Turin, certainly licensed by Atari, since the PCB is an original product from the United States. Even if the cabinet is small, it is very valuable even if the playability, given the characteristics of the controls, is not excellent. The conditions are excellent instead, mostly the glass. The monitor shows signs of age especially with regard to contrast and geometry.


6 April 2014

When I found Tank boardset I never though that on day I could fine its cabinet. I repaired that boardset adding a sort of “Jamma converter”. To do this I had to skip power regulators. Once I found the cabinet I reported the board to its original conditions. It is a no-CPU based game and the two boards are connected through a ribbon cable. This is the boardset.



The first board has the power section,timer dip switch


Dsc_0976 Dsc_0982

The second board has the background PROM and tank sound control

Dsc_0977 Dsc_0978 Dsc_0981

Front panel

6 April 2014

Power transformer and coin box are accessible from the front panel.


Dsc_0966 Dsc_0967


6 April 2014

Inside the boards are placed vertically and Monitor section is well accessible. This cab has been made by F.lli Bertolino and uses a quite common B/W monitor in those years.

Dsc_0969 Dsc_0970 Dsc_0971



6 April 2014

Here is the cabinet. As you can see Neither Atari, nor Kee Games logos are evident somewhere but F.lli Bertolino was the Atari authorized produced for a lot of years and some years later won a lawsuit against SIDAM (another Italian producer alwaus in Torino) because this second company cloned Asteroids naming it Asterock. I consider this clone one of the very few cases in which the clone is better than the original (I bag your pardon, I think the movie “Blade Runner” is better than “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” also)… My opinion is that in those years international companies don’t consider relevant to show their logo on the cabinet manufactured under license. I.e. Space Wars – Ita doesn’t show Cinematronics labels at all although inside it is completely original.  



Dsc_0957 Dsc_0958 Dsc_0961 Dsc_0960


6 April 2014

  • On Oct 4th, 2011 points of the black tank followed a strange sequence:
    • 3  -> 00011
    • 12 -> 01100
    • 19 -> 10011
    • 28 -> 11100
    • ….

Using the Tank II schematics I identified two faulty 7493 in positions D11 and E11 and the problem was solved.