Boot Hill

  • Manufacturer: Midway / Domino
  • Year: 1977

Useful info

  • Cabinet type: Arcade game - Upright
  • Measures (WxHxD): 67.8 x 175.0 x 82.8 cm
  • Working voltage: 220V
  • Maximum consumption: 136.0W 0.800A
  • Technology: This game uses a black and white monitor in horizontal position with a coloured backdrop and a half-reflective mirror. Sound is mono

Midway made a hardware platform for most of its bronze age games; the same hardware has been used to port successively Space Invaders too. Boot Hill represents one of the games of the “western trilogy” (Gun Fight, Boot Hill and Dog Patch) and it is inherently two-player. The game is simple: two players have to compete in a duel. The peculiarity of this game is the possibility of moving the angle of the gun regardless of the direction of movement.

The cabinet is in amazing condition and it is an Italian production under license of the original American version. All the electronics components are imported, with exception for the TV which is the classic black and white Hantarex MT1 used in Europe at that time.

Front and Side arts

14 March 2021

A couple of years ago I had this cabinet for my bday. It is complete and in good general conditions even if not working.
From the electric point of view I repaired the board with some other “L-shape” sets I had and partially calibrated the TV monitor.
This is not the American version, it has been made by DOMINO, an Italian company produced Midway2s cabinets under license in early ’80s. The first things I decided to restore were the arts. Nothing serious fortunately, I just remade the black with an acrylic color. The new color was much matte than the original, finally I used a glossy transparent spray paint in order to have a homogeneous surface.

Front panel before / after
vernimark arcades - Midway Boot Hill
Side arts before glossy paint

Same sides after glossy paint


14 March 2021

Backdrop is in perfect conditions. No scratches, good colors.

vernimark arcades - Midway's Boot Hill

Front (front glass and t-molding)

14 March 2021

Nothing concerned the glass, just cleaned.

Over the years, t-molding has shrunk and I decided to use putty to fill the spaces. 

I then used glossy paint to restore the color.

Back side and inside

14 March 2021

I had to clean all surfaces but fortunately I couldn’t find any damage.

I changed the fuse holders (and both fuses of course) and cleaned the power board. 

Coin door

16 March 2021
Coin door was very rusted and the DOMINO logo drammatically corrupted.

First of all I removed the rust and then I used a primer and a spray with metal effect as the original was

I reproduced the logo and I printed it on a special decal paper (after printing I had to spray plastic in order to create a film on it).

That’s all


Control Panel

16 March 2021

Control panel has strong signs of time

Internally some rust but everything works.


 I removed it and with good pictures I could reproduce it.

I pinted this file on a new aluminium plate protected by a transparent film