How I found it

25 September 2017

This is a Carnival Mini. I think this is a local production. A.E.A. is an Italian company authorized to produce SEGA-GREMLIN cabinets for the Italian Market. Most of the Monaco-GP mini cabs in Italy have been manufactured by this company. They used both original boards and parts or self-manufactured parts. For instance I found an original SEGA sound board but an A.E.A. CPU board. I want to be philological correct and I placed inside both boards made by A.E.A. Anyway general conditions were good with the exception of the side art. On one side the top part was missing while on the other side more than half art was missing.

Side art repro

25 September 2017

I removed both side arts because I thought I could scan it easily but the I decided to vectorize the image starting from a good photo. After I removed the side art I used a good primer to prepare the surface covering the MONACO-GP silk-screened original art.

This is the result

Control panel repro

25 September 2017

I made the same job for the control panel, taking photos and then working on my pc.

Regardless the color similarity, this is the result

Metal parts

26 September 2017

As usual I refurbished all metal parts removing and/or fixing rust and using a matte black spray.


26 September 2017

I found a single neon inside the cabinet, too long to be there and for sure with a non orthodox way to be connected. I decide to replace it with a double small neon lamps.

Cash Door

26 September 2017

Cash door was missing

and I decided to rebuilt it using woody parts.


26 September 2017

I refurbished T-molding using sandpaper, putty and glossy black spray paint


26 September 2017

Nothing to say about the game boards because I have several boardset and I used just one I owned.

This is the Sound Amplification board, just cleaned.

on the contrary I replaced all power supply board components.

Inside the cabinet I found the power supply schematic, I took a pic in case some of you needed it.

The End

26 September 2017

Done, I assembled all parts replacing side arts and CPO. Marquee has a small problem but I prefer to have it original instead of a repro

I think it’s a good result and it has a good look in my living room…