7 April 2014

For years I had in my collection the bootleg version of this game probably manufactured in Italy. Fortunately I found a cab without the PCB for few euros. I could put the cab in operating condition very soon thanks to my bootleg and then I had a bit o time to find the original board (thanks to Robotype…). Here the PCB now is in the cabinet.

vernimark arcades - Exidy Circus vernimark arcades - Exidy Circus vernimark arcades - Exidy Circus vernimark arcades - Exidy Circus vernimark arcades - Exidy Circus

This is the connector between the main board and the sound board.

vernimark arcades - Exidy Circus

And this is the sound board

vernimark arcades - Exidy Circus vernimark arcades - Exidy Circus


7 April 2014

the cabinet inside was complete and very clean.

The cab

7 April 2014

Here is the cab.

No video and a whistle

7 April 2014

While I was playing the screen became black and I can hear only a whistle. Checking the voltage I could see I had 2.4V instead of 5V. 5V are generated by a power supply on the left of the monitor. It is the same PS generates 73V for the monitor itself. In the beginning I though something went wrong on the PCB. Sometimes old tantalium capacitors are in short circuit; but after a short verification I could see the board was in working conditions. I just plugged the board on my test desk. So the problem is in the power supply.

No video and a whistle (2)

7 April 2014

Never seen this PS before and no schematics at all (if someone has these schems, please email me) I took some pics

I couldn’t understand which kind of active component this PS has. Here the list I could compile.

  • Q201 = see pic below
  • Q202 = see pic below
  • D201 = diodes bridge
  • D202 = see pic below
  • C201 = ?
  • C202 = 1nF
  • C203 = 100 uF, 10V
  • IC201 = T3 = LM741 see pic below
  • R201 = 67K
  • R202 = 6K9
  • R203 = 3K3
  • R204 = 470
  • R205 = 49
  • R206 = trimmer about 1K5 (used for 5V regulation)

Q201, Q202 and D202 are unknown. Thanks to Andreas I could identify IC201 = LM741


Replacing IC201 nothing changed but sometimes worked for few seconds. Remaking the solderings the PS started to work properly and after some hours working I can consider the problem solved.

Troubleshooting the spinner

27 April 2014

If you are troubleshooting the spinner I saved some videos while I was checking my board.

PCB SK2 Troubleshooting (1)

2 May 2016

I want 2 boards for each cabinet I have; that’s because in case of problems I can continue to play my games until the main board has been repaired. So I found an original EXIDY CIRCUS board, sound board included. Actually when I tested it I could see garbage on screen but I could insert coins and “play”.

I tested this board on my cabinet:

vernimark arcades - Exidy Circus
I pointed out directly to the RAMs and related components. After replacing a couple of RAMS I had this result:

vernimark arcades - Exidy Circus
I needed a bit of time (wasting time to replace components into the video section) to understand the problem:

vernimark arcades - Exidy Circus
Yes… Cutting all pins I could reach this status:

vernimark arcades - Exidy Circus
A good result, but not enough. In fact the game freezes after few frames.

PCB SK2 Troubleshooting (2)

2 May 2016

What I know about this problem is that connecting to ground the PIN 1 of the 74H21 in position 15D (signal MVID) I have the game running with a correct attract mode, the spinner works, accepts coins and the game starts. The problem is (obviously) that the “MAN” is missing; in fact that signal manages the jumping man.

vernimark arcades - Exidy Circus
So I had a look to the “MAN” circuit but after some evenings replacing components I replaced ALL components but nothing changed….

vernimark arcades - Exidy Circus
All IN signals seem to be OK. Now I’m blocked, I can’t solve this problem.