• Manufacturer: Atari
  • Year: 1977

Useful info

  • Cabinet type: Arcade videogame - Up-right
  • Measures (WxHxD): 75,2 x 190,5 x 89,5 cm
  • Working voltage: 220V
  • Maximum consumption: 145,5W 0,965A
  • Technology: Horizontal B/W raster monitor with colored overlay and half-reflective mirror

Destroyer is a game that still belongs to the video games bronze age. The aliens have not yet arrived and the player has to move a ship over a sea full of enemies. It is possible to change the speed of your boat with a lever, while you can decide the depth of mines detonation with a knob, launched by pressing strongly the same knob. It is a tim game but it is a characteristic of its category (a bit like the electronic version of the bear shooting).

The cabinet in the collection is in excellent condition, fully restored, with recolored plastics and control panel without scratches and wear. The side arts have lost some color in some places but are free from writing or engravings. The game aged in France but has been produced in the United States.

vernimark arcades - Atari Destroyer

As I found it and To Do list

8 January 2021

The cabinet was very dirty and with some damages. Fortunately it was complete and I could restore it without any spare…

vernimark arcades - Atari Destroyer
This is the list of all things to do:
  • Rusted metal bar used to fix the plastic cover
  • Plastic cover is broken is a couple of parts
  • Rusted Coin door
  • Control panel (cleaning and small damages)
  • Cardboards
  • Garbage and dust inside
  • Back panels

Rusted metal bar

8 January 2021
Metal bar used to fix the plastic cover had some rust. I used sand paper at first, then I fixed the hoxid with a specific product.
Then primer + black spray

Plastic cover

8 January 2021

As you can see plastic cover was broken. I used epoxy resin with glass fibers, thenĀ I leveled it with sandpapaer.

vernimark arcades - Atari Destroyer

Then I used a primer and I reproduced the rough effect with a sponge. After that I used a deep blue spray.


vernimark arcades - Atari Destroyer

Coin door

8 January 2021
Same procedure used for the last thousand coin doors…

vernimark arcades - Atari Destroyer

Some metal parts restored with abrasive sponge and protected with plastic spray

I actually used tinfoil to restore the metallic effect in the coin channels

vernimark arcades - Atari Destroyer

Final result:

Control Panel

8 January 2021

I just cleaned it and removed the rust from the lever with abrasive sponge,

removed the Franch instruction sticker

vernimark arcades - Atari Destroyer
and recolored then black metal plates.

This is the control panel now:

vernimark arcades - Atari Destroyer


8 January 2021
Front art, cleaned and ironed:

Black frame (sprayed with black and ironed):

Back card board, cleaned:

Overlay, polished with Novus 2:


8 January 2021
A treasure inside….

cleaning the wood and the power brick…

Back panels

8 January 2021



8 January 2021
Working and in perfect shape…

Last pics

8 January 2021