• Manufacturer: Zaccaria
  • Year: 1979

Useful info

  • Cabinet type: Upright
  • Measures (WxHxD): 64,0 x 176,0 x 63,0 cm
  • Working voltage: 220V
  • Maximum consumption: 114,0W 0,705A
  • Technology: Horizontal B/W raster monitor

This is a black and white game with a green layer on the screen. Game rules are very simple: the player drives a bumping car inside a maze full of “dots”. Each time it passes on a dot, the dot disappears by crediting points. The level ends when all the dots disappear and the maze is completely clean. The game would be simple if there was not another “enemy” bumper car to turn in the opposite direction whose purpose is to stop us trying in every way a frontal collision.

The game was created by Zaccaria clearly inspired by Head On of the Sega. The cabinet in my collection is precisely the Zaccaria’s version restored and in good condition even if the glass shows veins on the screen printing. The control panel and the marquee are in excellent condition.

From France with love…

5 November 2015

This is my 5th Zaccaria’s cab. Actually I already have a Head on and a Twin cocktail with Crash (Head On) / Intruder (Space Invaders) but this cab is very nice and I wanted to save it from that warehouse 🙂 This are some details. Unfortunately I had no enough space to take pics of the entire cab.

vernimark arcades - Zaccaria Dodgem vernimark arcades - Zaccaria Dodgem vernimark arcades - Zaccaria Dodgem

Control Panel (1) – Cleaning and disassembling

12 November 2015

Here is the CP. It was very dirty but not so much damages under the dust.  Joystick was rusted and CPO had some cigarettes burns.

vernimark arcades - Zaccaria Dodgem vernimark arcades - Zaccaria Dodgem vernimark arcades - Zaccaria Dodgem vernimark arcades - Zaccaria Dodgem vernimark arcades - Zaccaria Dodgem vernimark arcades - Zaccaria Dodgem  
Disassembling all parts I could see part of the CPO art was damaged and I used acrylic colors. The wood had some scratches and I found a spray with a very similar blue.

vernimark arcades - Zaccaria Dodgem vernimark arcades - Zaccaria Dodgem vernimark arcades - Zaccaria Dodgem vernimark arcades - Zaccaria Dodgem  

Control panel (2) – Restoring colors

12 November 2015

Then I used acrylic colors for the overlay and spray for the wood.

dodgem013 dodgem014 dodgem018 dodgem019      

Control panel (3) – Behind

12 November 2015

Nothing peculiar behind the CP, please note the diodes on the leaf switches; they indicate controls are managed as matrix.

dodgem021 dodgem020

Control panel (4) – Joystick

12 November 2015

Joystick has been cleaned in all its parts and the rust has been removed.

dodgem021b dodgem022 dodgem023 dodgem024 dodgem025 dodgem026 dodgem027 dodgem028

Control panel (5) – Reassembling

12 November 2015

As last step I removed some burns with an abrasive sponge and I put a protection behind the overlay in order to avoid the paint has a direct contact with the wood.

dodgem032 dodgem033 dodgem034 dodgem035 dodgem036 dodgem029 dodgem030 dodgem031

Coin door

13 November 2015

Coin door was dirty and rusted but not dramatically, so in a couple of hours I could do the job.

dodgem037 dodgem038 dodgem039 dodgem040dodgem042


13 November 2015

The mounted monitor is an Hantarex MT1. Not working obviously… I changed the fuse and I immediately recapped it but I had no changes. Then I changed the power transistor and the 2 other transistors on the H and V and now the monitor works. Before proceeding with monitor and board I want to finish the cab 🙂 Transistor replaced: TR6: BF460 TR10: 2N3055 TR19: BU606D  

dodgem043 dodgem044


17 November 2015

Cabinet base was missing. When I restored my EYES I saw the base was structurally the same for all other zac cabs; some times smaller, some times bigger. In this case it’s smaller: 60cm x 61.5cm so I used the draft I made in the past to build the missing parts. Each job needs the right tools…


This is the draft I made

First of all I cut all parts

I don’t want to bore you with all details you can already find here in my EYES restoration thread.

I used the same wheels I have under my Astro Wars so both cabs have the same height.

That’s all.



24 November 2015

Wasps lived here 🙂 the rest was dirty and rusted but not too much.

dodgem051 dodgem053 dodgem054  
Power supply board was rusted in some points. I changed all caps (but not the big ones) and I replaced all regulators.

dodgem055 dodgem056 dodgem057 dodgem058
Now it seems to be new…

As usual I replaced the fuses

and the power switch (I always replace the existing one with  a bipolar switch)

dodgem061 dodgem062 dodgem063
Now it is more acceptable; isn’t it?

Behind the cab and Back panel

24 November 2015

Easy job for the dark side of the cab 🙂

dodgem064 dodgem065  
Just cleaning and painting

dodgem066 dodgem067    

PCB Troubleshooting

10 December 2015

Aesthetically speaking the board was in good conditions

This is the sound daughter board

And this is the additional board for game dip switches

but once I powered on I could see some problems.

Actually the board was in RESET so I found the reset circuit on the schematics

and bypassed it through the J13 jumper

Once done, I realized the board had mainly graphic problems

In fact replacing rams I had results better and better


Once all RAMs were replaced I had a good screen but I though the game reset again after drawing the maze. Running the game on MAME I understood this game hasn’t an attract mode so it works! So I mounted the PCB in its cabinet in order to test I/O.


I/O have been tested following this schematic:

And I followed these instructions to set the game properly.

dodgem079 dodgem078
Now I can play 😀


10 December 2015

Here you can find some pics of the result

dodgem081 dodgem082 dodgem084 dodgem080   dodgem086 dodgem083 dodgem085