Dog Patch

  • Manufacturer: Midway
  • year: 1978

Useful info

  • Cabinet type: Arcade game - Upright
  • Measures (WxHxD): 67.3 x 176.0 x 83.5 cm
  • Working voltage: 220V
  • Maximum consumption: 142.5W 0.690A
  • Technology: This game uses a black and white monitor in horizontal position with a coloured backdrop and a half-reflective mirror. Sound is mono

Midway developed several bronze age games on the same hardware; hardware on which he later ported Space Invaders as well. Dog Patch represents one of the games of the “western trilogy” (Gun Fight, Boot hill and Dog Patch) and is intrinsically two-player. The game is simple: two players have to challenge each other by hitting as many times as possible, alternately, a can thrown into the air. The player controls his shotgun by a spinner.

The cabinet is in very good condition and is an original Midway production adapted to 220V operation. The rear panels have been replaced with new ones due to water damage but the rest is absolutely original.


5 June 2021
I picked up this game in good conditions with the exception of some water damages on the back and on the bottom base.


5 June 2021
I had to remove the first layer of wood because it was peeling off

Front and sides

5 June 2021
I just cleaned the sides removing a yellow paint used to cover sone scratches. This paind was of a different yellow so the impression was terrible.

On the front side I just cleaned a bit the marquee

Then I painted with a light blue some glass parts

The coin door panel has a corrupted artwork. I left it as is untill I would find a good picture to reproduce what now misses


5 June 2021
First of all I used glue 

I removed the black all around using a new paint

One side was damaged. I removed the first layer replacing it with a new one.

Then I used a primer for the rest in order to protect it from the umidity


5 June 2021
Panels were very damaged and water enlarged them and couldn’t be used any more

I cut the wood, then painted a primer and a new yellow.