• Manufacturer: Model Racing
  • Year: 1983

Useful info

  • Cabinet type: Cocktail table
  • Measures (WxHxD): 70,5 x 99,3 (incluse manopole) x 96,0 cm
  • Working voltage: 220V
  • Maximum consumption: 102,0W 0,525A
  • Technology: Horizontal color raster monitor

It is the first (and only?) Electronic foosball. At the beginning of the game you can choose the color of your team’s shirt. Each team is divided into defense and attack, each one  controllable with a knob similar to foosball knob, plus a button to pull. The goalkeeper is automatically controlled and the game ends when the time runs out.

The table in the collection is original in all its parts. It was built by the “very” Italian Model Racing and traveled around Europe. It was recovered in Germany completely black painted. The glass has been replaced due to the many scratches. It has retractable legs so you can use it while sitting (with two seats and two side platforms) or standing (easier if you play in 4), just extending the legs extended and removing the seats.

From Germany to my garage passing through… Wiz!

3 April 2014

Wiz (www.tilt.it) bought this cocktail in Germany but he decided to sell me the entire cab because it was black and not woody as shown in the official flyer. I used tons of chemical paint stripper removing al black and bringing the cabinet to its original color. Actually nothing else to do. Only a stupid problem with the PCB. Stupid but very long to understand…


Dsc_0809 Dsc_0812 Dsc_0810 Dsc_0817 Dsc_0814 Dsc_0815 Dsc_0816


3 April 2014

I’ve been lucky, everything is ok and inside the cocktail was quite clean.

Dsc_0823 Dsc_0828 Dsc_0829 Dsc_0818 Dsc_0819 Dsc_0820 Dsc_0822


3 April 2014

on Oct, 1st 2011:

  • Sprites corrupted, you can see only some lines: changed 74273 in L7 and L8
  • Defective controls: 8255 in H-K7 and H-K8

on Apr, 15 2012:

  • Sprites live a sort of “shadow” of the same color of the team when players move on the field: one EPROM was defective only after some minutes of running