Heli Fire

  • Manufacturer: Nintendo
  • Year: 1980

Useful info

  • Cabinet type: Cocktail
  • Measures (WxHxD): ? x ? x ? cm
  • Working voltage: 220V
  • Maximum consumption: ?W ?A
  • Technology: Vertical Color raster monitor

This cabinet is no more in my collection.

This is an original Nintendo cocktail table, quite rare in the world, really rare in Italy.


4 May 2014

This boardset is very rare, fortunately I could repair it in few days. These are the pictures of all 3 PCBs

Dscn0226 Dscn0228 Dscn0229


4 May 2014

I had to change the PS using a not original switch. The rest is original. Monitor is closed inside  box. One of the surfaces has been made in Plexiglas.

100_0653 100_0656 Dscn0216 Dscn0217 Dscn0218  

Coin Door

4 May 2014

The cocktail had been tampered. Coin door was missing and I had to rebuild it.

Dscn0030 Dscn0071 Dscn0076 Dscn0078 Dscn0084 Dscn0090

Restoring the chassis

4 May 2014

The rest of the cocktail was quite ruined and I had to make some works, including repainting

Dscn0023 Dscn0024 Dscn0029 Dscn0083 Dscn0089 Dscn0091 Dscn0094 Dscn0103

The cocktail

4 May 2014

This is the cocktail after my works

Dscn0188 Dscn0199 Dscn0205 Dscn0207 Dscn0210 Dscn0239 Dscn0242 Dscn0245