Missile Command

Missile under license…

10 April 2014

Yes, this is a Missile Command by… Sega.¬†Quite rare, made probably for Japanese market. I’ve to say I found it not in so bad conditions:

  • 5 buttons were not original
  • coin plate rusted
  • coin door missing
  • feet dirty/rusted
  • CPs dirty/rusted

Dsc_0333 Dsc_0334 Dsc_0335 Dsc_0354 Dsc_0371 Dsc_0373

Coin door

10 April 2014

First of all I remade the coin door using wood and vinyl.

Dsc_0358 Dsc_0360 Dsc_0365 Dsc_0366 Dsc_0367


10 April 2014

These are the buttons I was looking for…


Coins plate

10 April 2014

Coins plate had some rust. I printed a new overlay replacing the old paint (probably this plate had been repainted yet from blue to black)

Dsc_0408 Dsc_0428 Dsc_0430 Dsc_0432 Dsc_0433 Dsc_0436 Dsc_0443 Dsc_0444


10 April 2014

Usual treatment for feet: cleaning, de-rusting and special painting.

Dsc_0355 Dsc_0425


10 April 2014

This is the PCB. Nothing special, a typical Atari Missile Command board

Dsc_0394 Dsc_0395 Dsc_0399 Dsc_0401 Dsc_0402


10 April 2014

This is what you can see inside the cocktail.

100_0620 100_0621 100_0622 100_0623 100_0625 100_0626 100_0627 100_0628

Yet another cocktail ready

10 April 2014

This is the cocktail table

100_0638 100_0639 100_0641 100_0642 100_0643 100_0644


10 April 2014

On Dec 14th, 2013 graphics became corrupted. I couldn’t understand exactly the error because all characters were corrupted. RAMs were ok so probably I had something wrong in ROMs circuit. I have another bootleg PCB but swapping all ROMs nothing changed. I decided to analyze the circuit dedicated to the ROMs selection.


In the end I found a faulty 74139 in P2.