Missile Command

  • Manufacturer: Atari / Sega
  • Year: 1980

Useful info

  • Cabinet type: Cocktail
  • Measures (WxHxD): 87,0 x 67,5 x 57,0 cm
  • Working voltage: 220V
  • Maximum consumption: 80,5W 0,565A
  • Technology: Horizontal color raster monitor

Historical game by Atari in which the player is the defender of three cities attacked by alien forces¬†and other objects with some missiles. Moving with a trackball you have to neutralize all the shots using one of the three shooting positions, taking care not to end the ammo. Each level consists of one or more “waves” of missiles. The game ends when all three cities are destroyed by enemies.

The cabinet in the collection is produced under ATARI license by SEGA for the Japanese market (even if the game board is ATARI). It is a rather rare version even if the game is very widespread and appreciated.

Missile under license…

10 April 2014

Yes, this is a Missile Command by… Sega.¬†Quite rare, made probably for Japanese market. I’ve to say I found it not in so bad conditions:

  • 5 buttons were not original
  • coin plate rusted
  • coin door missing
  • feet dirty/rusted
  • CPs dirty/rusted

Dsc_0333 Dsc_0334 Dsc_0335 Dsc_0354 Dsc_0371 Dsc_0373

Coin door

10 April 2014

First of all I remade the coin door using wood and vinyl.

Dsc_0358 Dsc_0360 Dsc_0365 Dsc_0366 Dsc_0367


10 April 2014

These are the buttons I was looking for…


Coins plate

10 April 2014

Coins plate had some rust. I printed a new overlay replacing the old paint (probably this plate had been repainted yet from blue to black)

Dsc_0408 Dsc_0428 Dsc_0430 Dsc_0432 Dsc_0433 Dsc_0436 Dsc_0443 Dsc_0444


10 April 2014

Usual treatment for feet: cleaning, de-rusting and special painting.

Dsc_0355 Dsc_0425


10 April 2014

This is the PCB. Nothing special, a typical Atari Missile Command board

Dsc_0394 Dsc_0395 Dsc_0399 Dsc_0401 Dsc_0402


10 April 2014

This is what you can see inside the cocktail.

100_0620 100_0621 100_0622 100_0623 100_0625 100_0626 100_0627 100_0628

Yet another cocktail ready

10 April 2014

This is the cocktail table

100_0638 100_0639 100_0641 100_0642 100_0643 100_0644


10 April 2014

On Dec 14th, 2013 graphics became corrupted. I couldn’t understand exactly the error because all characters were corrupted. RAMs were ok so probably I had something wrong in ROMs circuit. I have another bootleg PCB but swapping all ROMs nothing changed. I decided to analyze the circuit dedicated to the ROMs selection.


In the end I found a faulty 74139 in P2.