Monaco GP

  • Manufacturer: Sega - Gremlin
  • Year: 1980

Useful info

  • Cabinet type: Cocktail table
  • Measures (WxHxD): 97,0 x 104,0 (incluso volante) x 68,0 cm
  • Working voltage: 220V
  • Maximum consumption: 159,0W 0,905A
  • Technology: Vertical color raster monitor

It is one of the most famous and long-lived car racing games ever created. The machine moves horizontally at the bottom of the screen while the path scrolls vertically. The view is from above and different types of route change sequentially: city street, tunnels, bottlenecks, ice, … Obstacles are made up of opponents in the overtaking phase and by rescue vehicles. The car is driven by a pedal and a two-position gear.
It is basically a game time based but you can win additional cars to be used indefinitely in time until the next collision. The records are memorized on 7-segment displays, recalling a bit the 70’s atmospheres. It is a game with an extraordinary playability and pleasantness and at the time of its production it was also extremely complex.

The cabinet in the collection is a cocktail table of Japanese conception and currently more or less only 3 are known. The coin mechanism has been converted into German coins (in fact, the game has been picked up in northern Germany) and the front graphics are scratched. Globally it is in very good condition. Currently the hole prepared for the use of a headset (but why?) is used by a button to insert free credits.

Monaco GP :: A great rarity in my hands

1 April 2014
Very rare cocktail, picked up years ago in Germany. I don’t think to have pictures of that roadtrip, I’m sorry. Here one pic taken while I was disassembling the cab for cleaning and restoring.  

monacogp202 monacogp204monacogp203


1 April 2014
I’ve done some work on this cocktail but nothing so complicated. Some external parts:

monacogp212 monacogp213

monacogp206 monacogp207

The “cap”

monacogp203 monacogp205


monacogp208 monacogp209 monacogp210 monacogp211


2 April 2014

I have 2 boardsets. One is used as spare parts for the other so I never had 2 working boardsets in the same time…

Main Logic A

monacogp001 monacogp002

Main Logic B

monacogp003 monacogp004

Main Logic A and Main Logic B mounted in their case 


Sound board

monacogp007 monacogp008

Display board

monacogp010 monacogp011

Here my baby

2 April 2014
After some days I had my first cocktail table fully working…

monacogp101 monacogp102 monacogp105 monacogp106 Dsc_0297 Dsc_0292

PCB Troubleshooting

2 April 2014
Here the list of my Monaco GP boards

Partial troubleshooting log  Board 30:
  • Dec, 29th 2011 – only yellow and green colors and graphics “not clear”: IC7 (7416)
Board 31 
  • test with PROMS
PROM       PROM       Description
Board 30   Board 31
PR137      PR9        ice missing
PR134      PR6        no "standard" trees
PR135      PR7        no palm trees
PR136      PR8        no homes
PR133      PR5        no fonts
PR139      PR11       sprite extended
PR138      PR10       all cars sprites
PR141      PR16       ?
PR140      ?          ?
Board 40:
  • Gen, 1st 2012 – no coins: IC32 (74279)
Board 41:
  • Gen, 1st 2012 – time “runs” to 0 in one second: IC26 (555)