Omega Race (1)

  • Manufacturer: Midway
  • Year: 1981

Useful info

  • Cabinet type: Upright
  • Measures (WxHxD): 65,3 x 190,0 x 74,6 cm
  • Working voltage: 220V
  • Maximum consumption: 112,0W 0.635A
  • Technology: Horizontal B/W vector monitor mirrored with black lighted background

This cabinet is no more in my collection.

Here is my first Omega Race cabinet manufactured by Midway and completely converted into Arkanoid.

Ebay pictures

4 May 2014

I found this cab on ebay for few euros. It was converted in Arkanoid. It means “Omega Race” label has been deleted from the marquee, everything inside has been removed and a raster monitor was mounted in vertical position. Generic glass (all black) and additional control panel light removed. These are the pictures I found on the ebay auction.

omegarace_ebay01 omegarace_ebay02

Before resto

4 May 2014

Once opened and disassembled I could have a clearer idea about what to do.

omegarace01 omegarace02 omegarace03 omegarace04 omegarace05 omegarace06

Power supply & Wiring

4 May 2014

I found on ebay the entire wiring with the power supply section. I had to clean everything but after that I had all the internal components, in fact I already had the PCB in my collection.

omegarace10 omegarace11 omegarace12 omegarace13 omegarace14


4 May 2014

The boardset is a typical “L” Midway version. Sound board was ok but the logic board was damaged by acid. I needed a lot of time to replace all damaged components.

omegarace15 omegarace16 omegarace17 omegarace18 omegarace19 omegarace20 omegarace21 omegarace22 omegarace23 omegarace24 omegarace25 omegarace26


4 May 2014

Once cleaned I could rebuild all missing wooden part and placing wiring, PCBs and power suppliers.

omegarace30 omegarace31 omegarace32 omegarace33 omegarace35 omegarace36


4 May 2014

This is the cardboard received from US

omegarace34 omegarace37 omegarace38 omegarace39

The cabinet

4 May 2014

This is the cabinet after the restoration.

omegarace40 omegarace41 omegarace42 omegarace43 omegarace44