• Manufacturer: F.lli Bertolino
  • Year: 1974

Useful info

  • Cabinet type: Upright
  • Measures (WxHxD): 73,2 x 168,9 x 6,0 cm
  • Working voltage: 220V
  • Maximum consumption: 59,0W 0,300A
  • Technology: Horizontal B/W raster monitor

After the success of “Pong” it was clear that an entire industrial sector was born, and it was necessary to create new titles. “Pallavolo” (Volleyball) is the translated version of the Atari “Rebound” game and consists of two horizontal paddles, one per player and each in his half field, and a ball that bounces over it. The two players must pass the ball on one side and the other passing on a net that rises up as the game proceeds, and everyone can not dribble more than 3 times consecutively. Conceptually it is like Pong but with a side view instead of from above.

The cabinet in the collection has been manufactured by F.lli Bertolino. Also the game board is produced in Italy but F.lli Bertolino became a reseller of Atari  games for Italy and other countries and this suggests the game was produced under license. Aesthetically, it is in superb condition and the TV shows small signs of age. The plexi shell is quite rare and in these amazing conditions it is formidably rare.


16 April 2014

I found this cab in VERY GOOD conditions. Just cleaning and monitor setup. Pallavolo, in Italian, means Volleyball. I suppose the board is a bootleg of Rebound. This cab has been made by F.lli Bertolino; the same manufacturer that later produced Atari cabs under license for years and won the case against Sidam for copying Asteroids calling it Asterock.


16 April 2014

This is the cabinet as it is inside. The TV is a Sinudyne.

pallavolo_inside_01 pallavolo_inside_02 pallavolo_inside_03 pallavolo_tv_01 pallavolo_tv_02 pallavolo_tv_03



The cabinet

16 April 2014

This is the entire cabinet.

pallavolo_cab_01 pallavolo_cab_02 pallavolo_cab_03 pallavolo_cab_04 pallavolo_cab_05


22 December 2014


24 April 2015

Yesterday I decided to spend some time with Pallavolo. I’ve to do a couple of things, as a monitor setup, adjusting the base plugging wheels and the “marquee” of course. This is the status of the marquee now.

First of all I reproduced the label on paper, then I scanned it and, with the help of the graphic designer of my company, we vectorized it. Then I made some tests in order to verify dimensions and spacing.

I called a friend of mine (morra76 on ArcadeItalia forum ) not so far for me and he realized a couple of stencils. The same evening we had dinner together so he could give me them

Then I cleaned the plexy removing completely the old label, I placed the stencil on it and with a glossy white spray I completed the work

I had to take care to remove the stencil because it was so delicated. pallavolo_cab_23
In the end of the day the result is not so bad 🙂  



29 April 2015

I usually install a set of wheels under my cabs in order to have the possibility to move them very easily. I try to do that without any cabinet modification, just using some screws and (in this case) a bit of glue. This is the base as it was


 I removed it and I could see that I hadn’t enough space to install the wheels in a safe place where the weight didn’t break the bottom of the cabinet.

So I cut 4 wood blocks

And I shaped them to fit into the 4 corners

Then I fixed the shaped blocks with screws and glue

And I just screwed the wheels set I often use

Before re assembling the base I re painted in black. That’s all.