Space Attack

  • Manufacturer: Sega - Gremlin / F.lli Bertolino
  • Year: 1979

Useful info

  • Cabinet type: Upright
  • Measures (WxHxD): 64,0 x 177,0 x 100,5 cm
  • Working voltage: 220V
  • Maximum consumption: 117,0W 0,790A
  • Technology: Vertical B/W raster monitor with colored overlay

Here is another version of the best known Space Invaders, this time manufactured by SEGA. Apart from the spaceships  shape (friend or enemy) the game is the same: you control a spaceship at the bottom of the screen trying to destroy the enemy horde that advances zigzagging; we can defend ourselves behind barriers that are consumed by friends and enemies shots. Sometimes on the top of the screen an UFO pass through the screen that, if you can destroy it, gives points. Unlike the game it is inspired by, Space Attack at the end of the level (when all enemy spaceships are destroyed) brings a last UFO into the screen, moving randomly across the screen which, if not hit in a few seconds, runs away; a sort of end-level bonus.

This version was produced in Italy by F.lli Bertolino under license. It is very similar to the original game apart from the front panel. The control panel (originally with two buttons for movement and a third to shoot) has been replaced with the US panel that mounts a more comfortable two-position joystick. The side art is a bit worn but in good condition. The game board is available both in black and white and in color version, the one in our hands is black and white.

Repairing the PCB

5 April 2014

I Picked up this cab in Tuscany with CRASH. First of all I repaired the PCB. Long days with my living room table full of electronic parts…



5 April 2014

I took some detailed pictures of the original PCB.

Dsc_0756 Dsc_0762 Dsc_0761 Dsc_0763 Dsc_0757 Dsc_0758 Dsc_0760 Dsc_0764 Dsc_0765 Dsc_0766

Power supply

5 April 2014

Power supply was working made by Gremlin


Sound board

5 April 2014

Sound board has been made by Gremling and came fom a Safari boardset. I don’t know if Safari and Space Attack sound board are really compatible, so I don’t know if I’m playing with the right sounds 🙂

Dsc_0748 Dsc_0747


5 April 2014

Here is the internal part. Gremlin PS and Sound board and Synudine monitor.


Dsc_0778 Dsc_0773 Dsc_0767

A new Control Panel

5 April 2014

The original control panel was quite damaged. Not in terms of integrity, but in term of graphics. I found a new CP in the US. It is for another kind of cabinet but the 2 position joystick is much more fun… This is the old control panel


And this is the new control panel



The Game

5 April 2014

Substantially the game is the same of Space Invaders but when the player destroys all aliens, a new UFO appears and moves around the screen for a while.

Dsc_0802 Dsc_0804 Dsc_0806



5 April 2014

This is the cabinet as is today.

Dsc_0791 Dsc_0795 Dsc_0796 Dsc_0797 Dsc_0784 Dsc_0785