Space Attack

Repairing the PCB

5 April 2014

I Picked up this cab in Tuscany with CRASH. First of all I repaired the PCB. Long days with my living room table full of electronic parts…



5 April 2014

I took some detailed pictures of the original PCB.

Dsc_0756 Dsc_0762 Dsc_0761 Dsc_0763 Dsc_0757 Dsc_0758 Dsc_0760 Dsc_0764 Dsc_0765 Dsc_0766

Power supply

5 April 2014

Power supply was working made by Gremlin


Sound board

5 April 2014

Sound board has been made by Gremling and came fom a Safari boardset. I don’t know if Safari and Space Attack sound board are really compatible, so I don’t know if I’m playing with the right sounds 🙂

Dsc_0748 Dsc_0747


5 April 2014

Here is the internal part. Gremlin PS and Sound board and Synudine monitor.


Dsc_0778 Dsc_0773 Dsc_0767

A new Control Panel

5 April 2014

The original control panel was quite damaged. Not in terms of integrity, but in term of graphics. I found a new CP in the US. It is for another kind of cabinet but the 2 position joystick is much more fun… This is the old control panel


And this is the new control panel



The Game

5 April 2014

Substantially the game is the same of Space Invaders but when the player destroys all aliens, a new UFO appears and moves around the screen for a while.

Dsc_0802 Dsc_0804 Dsc_0806



5 April 2014

This is the cabinet as is today.

Dsc_0791 Dsc_0795 Dsc_0796 Dsc_0797 Dsc_0784 Dsc_0785