Space Encounters

  • Manufacturer: Midway
  • Year: 1980

Useful info

  • Cabinet type: Up-right
  • Measures (WxHxD): 67,5 x 193,0 x 76,5 cm
  • Working voltage: 220V
  • Maximum consumption: 128,5W 0,610A
  • Technology: Horizontal B/W raster monitor with colored overlay

This game is one of the last based on the same platform that saw the birth of the famous Space Invaders. The game is a shooter similar to its famous brother but with two differences: the first concerns the perspective effect; in fact, the game simulates a race inside an infinite canyon. The second difference is fundamental and concerns the game mode. In fact there are no lives but there is a time limit to respect. In addition to the horizontal movement, it is possible to move the joystick back and forth to accelerate the ride in the canyon. When this happens, the wind noise increases and enemies come at you faster.

The cabinet in the collection is in very good condition, completely original and restored. The front bezel has been recolored with a variant of white similar to the original, not yet yellowed. The cabinet comes from the United States and a 220-110V transformer has been installed inside. Its rarity is matched only by its beauty…

vernimark arcades - Midway Space Encounters

As I found it and To do list

6 January 2021
I found it complete but with some work to do:
  • Not working (board)
  • Yellowed plastic frontal cover (with scratches)
  • Rusted control yoke
  • Rusted coin door
  • Mold on the cardboard
  • Garbage and mold inside
  • Missing parts on the bottom of both sides

Nothing serious, but I needed some days. Unfortunately during Covid Lockdown period I couldn’t work so I had some days to dedicate to my hobby…


6 January 2021
Main board is a classic Midway “L” shape and I could repair it easily. Logic board is dedicated to the 3D effects and I/O, while sound board has been developed separately and installed on the other side.

I checked ROMs, RAMs and cleaned socket, nothing else.

Plastic cover

6 January 2021
I wanted to remove some “yellow” from the surface and disassempling it I could see the original color was very close to cold white, very cold. 

Probably I had to use a worm white in order to have a result between the original color and the color after years of smoke. 

I removed the marquee, and then I remounted it (after cleaning) using the same rivets

In any case the result is not so bad.

vernimark arcades - Midway Space Encounters

Control Panel

6 January 2021
Control panel art was dirti but not damaged. I had to remove the rust from the yoke only. Then I used a metal-effect and a matte black spray bottles to renew the yoke metal parts.

Coin door

6 January 2021
Coin door needed usual work. Fortunately I found the right gray color.
Usual work means:
  • de-rusting with sand paper
  • fixing the metal with a oxid protector 
  • painting where needed (not painting  chromed parts I mean) using both gray gray and cold galvanizing spray
  • I had one new gold Midway metal plate and I used it…
vernimark arcades - Midway Space Encounters
Here is the final result…

vernimark arcades - Midway Space Encounters


6 January 2021
Cardboard was full of mold but I could remove it easily with a sponge. Then I removed some tape used to fix a plastic part with small damages. 

vernimark arcades - Midway Space Encounters


6 January 2021

Here is the stepdown transformer installed (230-110V, 300VA) and the tasmoted SONOFF switch used to swithc on/off the game without accessing to the back side.


6 January 2021
I used vinil glue,then a special putty for wood and, after sanding, I used a matte black.

The End

6 January 2021

the end…

(I cut the wheels from this pic)