Space Encounters

vernimark arcades - Midway Space Encounters

As I found it and To do list

6 January 2021
I found it complete but with some work to do:
  • Not working (board)
  • Yellowed plastic frontal cover (with scratches)
  • Rusted control yoke
  • Rusted coin door
  • Mold on the cardboard
  • Garbage and mold inside
  • Missing parts on the bottom of both sides

Nothing serious, but I needed some days. Unfortunately during Covid Lockdown period I couldn’t work so I had some days to dedicate to my hobby…


6 January 2021
Main board is a classic Midway “L” shape and I could repair it easily. Logic board is dedicated to the 3D effects and I/O, while sound board has been developed separately and installed on the other side.

I checked ROMs, RAMs and cleaned socket, nothing else.

Plastic cover

6 January 2021
I wanted to remove some “yellow” from the surface and disassempling it I could see the original color was very close to cold white, very cold. 

Probably I had to use a worm white in order to have a result between the original color and the color after years of smoke. 

I removed the marquee, and then I remounted it (after cleaning) using the same rivets

In any case the result is not so bad.

vernimark arcades - Midway Space Encounters

Control Panel

6 January 2021
Control panel art was dirti but not damaged. I had to remove the rust from the yoke only. Then I used a metal-effect and a matte black spray bottles to renew the yoke metal parts.

Coin door

6 January 2021
Coin door needed usual work. Fortunately I found the right gray color.
Usual work means:
  • de-rusting with sand paper
  • fixing the metal with a oxid protector 
  • painting where needed (not painting  chromed parts I mean) using both gray gray and cold galvanizing spray
  • I had one new gold Midway metal plate and I used it…
vernimark arcades - Midway Space Encounters
Here is the final result…

vernimark arcades - Midway Space Encounters


6 January 2021
Cardboard was full of mold but I could remove it easily with a sponge. Then I removed some tape used to fix a plastic part with small damages. 

vernimark arcades - Midway Space Encounters


6 January 2021

Here is the stepdown transformer installed (230-110V, 300VA) and the tasmoted SONOFF switch used to swithc on/off the game without accessing to the back side.


6 January 2021
I used vinil glue,then a special putty for wood and, after sanding, I used a matte black.

The End

6 January 2021

the end…

(I cut the wheels from this pic)