Space Invaders

  • Manufacturer: Midway
  • Year: 1978

Useful info

  • Cabinet type: Arcade videogame - Up-right
  • Measures (WxHxD): 67,2 x 180,8 x 86,8 cm
  • Working voltage: 220V
  • Maximum consumption: 120,0W 0,600A
  • Technology: Vertical B/W raster monitor with colored overlay

Classic of the classics, it is a game developed by Toshihiro Nishikado. The player pilots a vehicle on the surface of the planet moving it horizontally only protected by four barriers that each time they are hit decrease their effectiveness. At the top is an (ordered) horde of invaders who shoot and come zigzagging in unison to conquer the land. The aim is to shoot and destroy all invaders, perhaps even hitting some UFOs that sporadically cross the screen. Each level consists of a single wave of invaders while the game ends when all lives are lost.

The cabinet in the collection is the classic Midway up-right (manufacturer of the American version of this game). The wood conditions are excellent, as well as the brightness of the monitor and the state of the internal parts. The silkscreen of the glass shows cracks that have been fixed permanently. The restoration involved the glass and metal parts as well as a general cleaning. The control panel is stunningly beautiful.

vernimark arcades - Midway Space Invaders up-right

Front glass

23 July 2020
This cabinet, after all, is in general good conditions; I had just some parts to clean. I started from the front glass because some graphics should be stabilized. I used very similar colors and at first glance you can’t see the restoration work…


24 July 2020

Externally I cleaned all parts with particular attention to the white parts because it’s easy to remove it.

Speaker metal plate has been changed with another one I had as spare

vernimark arcades - Midway Space Invaders up-right


25 July 2020
T-molding was the most damaged component with missing parts or broken. Fortunately I had several meters waiting to be installed…

vernimark arcades - Midway Space Invaders up-right

Coin door

26 July 2020
Fortunately I found the coin door colour and the rest of the work was quite easy.





27 July 2020
Inside I cleaned everything, adding a 220-110V 300W  transformer. As usual I added new wheels.

Final result

28 December 2020
Not a great work this time; I started from a cabinet in good shape. 

vernimark arcades - Midway Space Invaders up-right
vernimark arcades - Midway Space Invaders up-right
vernimark arcades - Midway Space Invaders up-right