Speed Freak

  • Manufacturer: Vectorbeam
  • Year: 1978

Useful info

  • Cabinet type: Upright
  • Measures (WxHxD): 64,0 x 186,0 x 68,0 cm
  • Working voltage: 220V
  • Maximum consumption: 135,5W 0,85A
  • Technology: Horizontal B/W vector monitor

In 1978, Space Wars creator, not happy with the Cinematronics economic contract, founded Vectorbeam, which in addition to reproducing its own version of the first vector game, created other games, like this driving game. The game takes place on a three-dimensional subjective path with different characters appearing on the sides to distract the driver (including a cow and an airplane!), and sometimes the driver has to avoid other cars or police blocks too. The car takes speed very quickly so it is very difficult to proceed without accidents. The game has a single pedal (acceleration) and a 4-speed gear.

The cabinet in the collection is in good condition from the point of view of electronics and operation, while the control panel is quite worn although the graphics are intact. In general it is an extraordinary piece of the ’70s, rare and exceptionally ahead for its time.

My 3rd cine/vectorbeam cab

11 April 2014

I was very happy to have this cab. After a lot of years I could see another time the “cow” close to the street 🙂 This is the cab into the van ready to be transported from Germany to Italy


And these are some cab details

Dsc_0142 Dsc_0144 Dsc_0148 Dsc_0168 Dsc_0138 Dsc_0141

The monitor

11 April 2014

These are the pictures of the monitor.

Dsc_0229 Dsc_0230


11 April 2014

Pedal mechanism inside is very simple. Just a switch.


Shift gear

11 April 2014

This component is very peculiar. No switches at all. Metal rod is a magnet and on the 4 corners there are 4 reed relays. It uses the same technology of the buttons of Space Wars and Star Hawk. See “Space Wars – Ita” restoration for more infos.

Image2 Image4


11 April 2014

Nothing special about the wheel. More or less it is supported by the usual hardware



11 April 2014

As you can see… Nothing is missing… 🙂

Dsc_0233 Dsc_0239 Dsc_0183 Dsc_0210 Dsc_0231


11 April 2014

This is the cab now

Dsc_0174 Dsc_0176 Dsc_0185 Dsc_0190 Dsc_0191 Dsc_0194 Dsc_0200 Dsc_0205 Dsc_0208 Dsc_0209 Dsc_0218 Dsc_0223 Dsc_0225 Dsc_0259


12 April 2014

On Jun. 22nd, 2011 I repaired the PCB starting from this condition:


This is the “VECTORBEAM” label It seems to be a Z problem. After a couple of usefulness substitutions I found the problem: a faulty 7402 in H8. Schematics defines this component as “To LF13331”.