Super Bug

  • Manufacturer: Kee Games
  • Year: 1977

Useful info

  • Cabinet type: Upright
  • Measures (WxHxD): 64,2 x 174,7 x 100,5 cm
  • Working voltage: 220V
  • Maximum consumption: 144,0W 1,000A
  • Technology: Vertical B/W raster monitor with colored overlay

This game is one of the first race game  where the car remains in the center of the screen turning on itself during the curves while the path is moving all around. At the beginning of the game the player can select two difficulty levels: novice or expert; the route is a city, indeed woodland and it is littered with oil stains, bends and other machines. The car is equipped with an acceleration pedal and a 4-speed gear.

The cabinet in the collection is completely original by Kee Games and completely restored. Both the control panel and the side art have been regenerated and are in excellent condition. The plexiglass have been restructured removing scratches and burns. Kee Games was a company that produced Atari games with another name.

Inspecting the cab

21 April 2014

As usual this cab come from Germany so I could find some German coins inside 🙂 In the end the cab was in good conditions and complete; more in detail:

  • Dust and cigarettes inside (some coins too)
  • Cigarette burns on plexi
  • Scratches and some rust on CP
  • Sidearts blackened on the bottom

superbug_before00 superbug_before11   superbug_before12 superbug_before13superbug_before14 superbug_before02superbug_before03 superbug_before04superbug_before05

Cleaning – Before

21 April 2014

I removed everything from the cab

superbug_before09   superbug_inside02 superbug_inside01 superbug_before06 superbug_before08superbug_before10

Cleaning – After

21 April 2014

This is the cab after cleaning

superbug_inside03 superbug_inside05 superbug_inside06


22 April 2014

I removed the cigarette burns and remade the white

superbug_plexi01 superbug_plexi02 superbug_plexi03 superbug_plexi04 superbug_plexi05 superbug_plexi06 superbug_plexi07


22 April 2014

This is the pedal before, during and after the restoration.

superbug_pedal01 superbug_pedal02 superbug_pedal03 superbug_pedal04 superbug_pedal05

Control Panel – Before

22 April 2014

This is the CP before any action

superebug_cp02   superebug_cp01 superebug_cp03 superebug_cp04 superebug_cp05

Control Panel – Resto

22 April 2014

I covered with transparent plastic the panel, removing it in correspondence of the black areas. Then I used the sandpaper and then I painted with black spray. In the end I removed all the remaining plastic.

superebug_cp06 superebug_cp07 superebug_cp08 superebug_cp09 superebug_cp10

Control Panel – Final result

22 April 2014

This is the Control Panel now

superebug_cp11 superebug_cp12 superebug_cp13

Cabinet Final result

22 April 2014

This is the cab as it is now.

Dscn1413 Dscn1405 Dscn1407   Dscn1408 Dscn1410   Dscn1400

Board troubleshooting (Car)

28 July 2016

During the last party (VMASP_2016) this game became to have a problem to the car sprite.

A “black” bar was in the center of the car. Actually that part of car was missing so we had a sort of “transparency”… First of all I removed the mask prom for that sprite having a confirmation that something was going wrong with the vertical signal that identifies the sprite zone to draw

This part is shown on the schematics and you can see H and V are controlled by the same flip-flop.

In fact checking the signal to the  7474 pin 6 in M7 I had the following waveform (very similar to the problem I had on the screen)

I was quite sure H and V signals were ok (in any case I made a check)  and so I replaced the 7474 having, now, this waveform.

Definitely better… Plugging the board I had this pattern

and re socketing the PROM I could verify the problem had been solved.

… mission complete!