• Manufacturer: Midway / Zaccaria
  • Year: 1982

Useful info

  • Cabinet type: Arcade game - Upright
  • Measures (WxHxD): 62.3 x 186.0 x 84.8 cm
  • Working voltage: 220V
  • Maximum consumption: 246.5W 1.90A
  • Technology: This game uses a colour monitor in vertical position. Sound is mono

Tron is a representative game of an era and above all of a nerd imagery. The game has 4 sub-levels representing as many moments of the movie that inspired it.

The game in the collection is the Zaccaria version produced in Italy under Midway / Disney license. All graphic arts (including the control panel) have been replaced with modern screen printing because the cabinet was damaged and burned by cigarettes. Internally it has most of the original elements but the power supply board has been replaced with a modern one specifically built to be more performing and at the same time not modify the original wiring.

vernimark - Tron - Midway Zaccaria

Initial condition

18 April 2021

Unfortunately I haven’t any picture of the entire cabinet before the restoration process. That’s because I started one day taking pics part by part without thinking I hadn’t the global view. Anyway the cabinet was corrupted everywhere. Both sides had a lot of scratches and holes

Internal sides had a lot of scratches too due to players and control panel 

Control panel had burns and rust

and the front panel had scratces and water damage.

Front panel

21 April 2021

I had to rebuild the front panel because of the scratches.

First of all I made the surface as smooth as possible

I applied three coats of paint and then I smoothed the surface with sand paper

And then 3 coats of black paint

This is the result

Coin door

24 April 2021

Coin door had some rust but nothing serious

fine sandpaper and a good cleaning made the rest

Final result is quite good…

Cabinet bottom

5 June 2021

I removed the two bottom boards installed to replace the feet

I hardened the bottom with the primer and then I installed the usual wheels


5 June 2021
Shroud was full of cigarette burns and both internal sides had a lot of scratches. Control panel overlay was damaged by cigarettes and rust, while front panel with the coin door was damaged.

I used putty, primer and sandpaper to remove all scratches. In the end, black paint.

After that I put on Phoenix arcade graphics

That’s the result

About perspecs… I used more and more fine sandpapaer and then NOVUS 2 and 1

Control Panel

5 June 2021
As I already said control panel had burns and rust…

Optical board had a problem with OPT1, an easy fix once found a seller 🙂

I used Phoenix Arcade reproductions for CPO and spinner too

Final result


5 June 2021
Both sides were in very bad shapes…

Putty and sandpapaer to remove scratches

And white primer

THen black paint and Phoenix Arcades side arts (no picture unfortunately)


5 June 2021