TV Competition

  • Manufacturer: Unknown
  • Year: 1973

Useful info

  • Cabinet type: Upright
  • Measures (WxHxD): ? x ? x ? cm
  • Working voltage: 220V
  • Maximum consumption: ?W ?A
  • Technology: Horizontal B/W raster monitor

This cabinet is no more in my collection.

I suppose this is an Italian version of Amutronics TV Ping Pong

Yet another PONG bootleg

5 May 2014

Yes. I found it without monitor and with a not working PCB. Both sides were in good conditions but I had to work in the front side. This is the cab as I found.

tvcompetition01 tvcompetition02 tvcompetition03 tvcompetition04 tvcompetition05 tvcompetition06 tvcompetition07 tvcompetition08


5 May 2014

These are the few works I had to do.

tvcompetition09 tvcompetition10 tvcompetition11 tvcompetition12


5 May 2014

I used an Amutronics PCB because the original one was seriously damaged.



5 May 2014

I used a modern TV with a SCART connector instead of the original missing. I had no idea what was inside it so I used a switch PS too…  


Final result

5 May 2014

This is the final result. Marquee is new. I scanned and reprinted the original one broken in 2 parts.

tvcompetition15 tvcompetition16 tvcompetition17 tvcompetition18 tvcompetition19 tvcompetition20 tvcompetition21 tvcompetition22 tvcompetition23