• Manufacturer: Centuri / Zaccaria
  • Year: 1981

Useful info

  • Cabinet type: Videogioco Arcade - Upright
  • Measures (WxHxD): 63,9 x 176,0 x 73,0 cm
  • Working voltage: 220V
  • Maximum consumption: 157,0W 0,935A
  • Technology: Horizontal color raster monitor

Vanguard is a fun and relatively simple game. The player controls a spaceship with a joystick; moreover 4 buttons are available to shoot independently in the 4 directions. The spaceship moves in a horizontal path meeting different types of enemy, each one moves in a different way. Allover in the path there are some energy stations; passing on one of them, the spaceship becomes invulnerable for a few seconds even if it can not shoot. The game has ten different levels in sequence, corresponding to the same number of environments and alien types. At the end of every tenth level you must defeat an insect-monster. It should be noted that the initial theme of the game is inspired by the  Star Trek The Movie musical theme, while the theme during invulnerability refers to Flash Gordon. Sometimes an electronic voice updates us on the situation, like at the beginning, wishing us a good trip, during level changes or simply urges us to be careful.

The cabinet in the collection is in very good condition and it is the Zaccaria’s Italian version. The game board is an original SNK, like in the original cabinet manufactured by Centuri for the US market. The control panel is very colorful and the  external art recalls the theme of the game.

Original status

4 May 2015

This is the Zaccaria’s Vanguard I found some months ago. Not in so bad conditions but the PCB was missing. After a first look things to do were: – General cleaning – Burns on the CP -side arts VERY dirty -back panel missing -PCB missing -Monitor and power supply: unknown conditions.  



8 June 2015

Cardboard had a hole and some scratches, but nothing serious…

General cleaning

8 June 2015

Here some works on dirty and rusted parts

and degauss control

the counter…


Power brick

8 June 2015

Power brick was very dirty but fortunately works!

I cleaned it removing the stickers

I found good conditions inside…

This is the result:

Power supply

8 June 2015

How I usually make with this kind of PS, I made the following operations:

  • Removed all parts.
  • Recapped.
  • Diode bridges verification.
  • Changed all regulators.



8 June 2015

Fan has been rebuilt because I used parts for Quasar. Thanks to Paul Swan I could find all parts 🙂

Control panel

8 June 2015

Control panel was burned in several parts: plexi and wood. This is the wood

and this is the plexi

and buttons

I had to clean the joystick too..

Here is the cleaned CP

Then I protected the plexi on the back because I could see some parts remained on the wood

and this is the final result


Coin Door

8 June 2015

Yet another Zac’s coindoor 🙂



Back panel

8 June 2015

Back panel was missing. Fortunately it was not so difficult to built again…


Monitor and other electronic parts

8 June 2015

I’ve been very lucky with the monitor. It is a classic Hantarex and after a very fast cleaning I decided to recap it without knowing its working conditions. I’ve to tell you now picture is very bright and stable. 🙂

This is the coin management card. It was faulty bit nothing complicated.



8 June 2015

This is the PCB. At the moment I haven’t any speech, the rest works well

vanguard072 vanguard073 vanguard074

Troubleshooting Speech board (SK-6)

8 June 2015

This is the speech board.

It has 2 very rare components but I’ve been lucky because the problem was very easy to fix. This is its schematics.

I had good signals on pins 19 and 20 of IC9 but not signal at all at AUDIO OUTPUT terminal I checked all intermediate points and I could see the the signal interrupted immediately after the 1st amplification step, at pin 1 of IC5 (LM324). Here the details:

So I checked all resistors, all points, everything. Then I understood that the signal on pins 2 and 3 had the same waveform so I changed the C8 and C9 and now Vanguard says: BON VOYAGE…. again. These are the new capacitors (and the new LM324 too)…