Zaccaria Videogames Production

This is the page dedicated to my work on Zaccaria Videogames Productions. Most of my work is based on original documents found both on the web and in original papers bought or found in old warehouses. Many manuals are easy to find while others I think are unpublished on the net.

This is a summary of the costs:

Zaccaria Videogames Production Vol. 1: 23 euros
Shipping to Italy: 4 euros
Shipping to Europe: 10 euros
Shipping to UK and US: 15 euros (excluding custom)


On this page you can find:

  1. Books description
  2. Contacts
  3. Available Zaccaria manuals 

Books Description



It is this chapter that introduces the rest of the work by exposing the links, sources, references and how the material was structured in the rest of the book.


Here the products covered by this work are listed in chronological order, classifying them according to the availability of their documents that certifies the originality. The classification criteria will be reused in the next parts as they represent an index of the completeness and diffusion of the product.

The first criterion concerns the category to which they belong; this depends on the availability of the material relating to the game. The material may consist of the flyer, the user manual, the wiring diagrams or, at least, the presence of images that prove their existence.

The terminology used was also clarified in order to continue the investigation. What is meant by side? And what is a marquee? Clarifying these concepts allows me to be more precise and concise in the rest of the work.

Video games evolved in a short time by marrying different technologies and techniques, especially in the image rendering, for this reason technological properties have also been defined depending on the display system used.

A final classification criterion is precisely the cabinet shape which allowed the production to be grouped into 3 different groups:

  • Group 1unique models.
  • Group 2models on generic cabinets but with dedicated graphic arts.
  • Group 3models on generic cabinets with graphic arts originally dedicated to other games or generic graphic arts.

Often, the same game has been produced in different shapes; for instance THE INVADERS exists both in a completely dedicated cabinet and as a conversion of one of the games already produced. The most relevant shape will be considered.


The first group represents a rather important corpus of ZACCARIA production that spreads over the entire history of their video game production, starting from 1975 to 1984.

To date you can find the traces of nine video games produced or distributed in a dedicated shape (often inspired by the American or Japanese version of which the rights were acquired), some of them are still quite diffused, others are currently considered extinct (taking as examble ROBOT BOWL, only one image survives in a spare parts catalog). The nine unique models are as follows:

  1. UN1, 1975, TV Joker
  2. UN2, 1977, Circus
  3. UN3, 1977, Robot Bowl
  4. UN4, 1978, Off Limits
  5. UN5, 1978, The Invaders
  6. UN6, 1982, Sea Battle
  7. UN7, 1983, Dribbling
  8. UN8, 1983, Tron
  9. UN9, 1984, Shooting Gallery

and their description is exactly the purpose of this third chapter. The information shown ranges from aesthetic descriptions to mechanical and electrical details. Their quantity and, above all, quality depends on how much documents it was possible to use.

The other volumes have the following topics:


This part talks about the “shapes“; in fact the rest of the production was carried out in standard shapes, crossing them with generic and dedicated graphics. We can identify these models:

  1. 6up-right” models (UR1.. UR6),
  2. 2 cocktail tables (CT1, CT2),
  3. 1 mini, or cabaret (CA1),
  4. 1 cockpit (CP1),
  5. 1 “wall cabinet(WC1),
  6. 2 late production “up-right” models,
reused and partially redesigned by the subsequent Tecnoplay (LP1, LP2).

In addition, there are also models produced by other companies for games exported to the US market.

The components of these cabinets were taken from a limited set of available options, and then I tried to analyze and to catalog these different mechanical and electrical parts. In general I have tried to identify and catalog the following elements:

  1. Pre-drilled control panels
  2. Controls (joysticks, buttons, spinners)
  3. Coin doors
  4. Internal elements, including
  5. Coin channels
  6. Coin boxes
  7. Credit setup boards
  8. Power suppliers
  9. Transformers
  10. fans

This volume will be deliberately “black and white” so as not to fall into the temptation to deal with graphics, the subject of the next volume.


We have covered all the shapes and all the cabinet models, we know all the components of a specific game but we do not yet know what it looks like. I collected the different graphic arts (a bit like I tried to do in Vol. 1 about the nine dedicated games) trying to understand how the different parts were associated product by product. In short, all the colors that are missing in Vol. 2 have been placed here.


This volume is the “generic” version of Vol. 1; in fact, for the good collector it will be useful to have chapters dedicated to the single game with all the graphic, mechanical and electrical details so as to be able to bask in ascertaining that the model of his collection is actually “compliant”. Many things have already been written in the previous parts but I believe a vertical study is necessary to give completeness to the discussion.


In the last part, which is not really a “volume”, I rebuilt a spare catalog that shows all the parts present in all the manuals found, ordering them, where possible, by original code. A sort of list for screw fetishists.



If you need more info about this work, available volumes or other questions, please contact me writing an email to 

Available Manuals

Astro Fantasia – Cassette System 14.8MB

This document is quite important because describes how Cassette System was installed inside a Zaccaria cabinet. You can find some details related to the game too.

Astro Wars – Diagrams  9.15MB

This small document shows Astro Wars cabinet wiring, boards layout and little more.

Astro Wars – Technical Manual 17.8MB 

Here you can find the entire Astro Wars Technical Manual bilingual (Italian and English). The first 2 pages are dedicated to the DIP SWITCH settings in german.

Astro Wars – Technical Manual DECO version 70.8MB 

This is the Astro Wars Technical Manual published by DECO completely in English and well formatted. It has some corrupted pages and in the end an Astro Fighter component list. 

Buck Rogers – Planet of Zoom – Part of Technical Manual 34.9MB

This is a part of a technical manual. It has cabinet wiring and technical info about the game parts and includes the pedal description not used in this game but included into the available controls of the generic cockpit in whick this game is installed.

Buck Rogers – Planet of Zoom – Technical Manual – Game description 26.7MB

This manual has not elements related to the cabinet but it is completely dedicated to the game. It includes test procedure, settings and boards descriptions.

Cat’n Mouse – Technical Manual 2.27MB

This technical manual has game description, cabinet parts, wiring, power supply schematics and coinage description. It’s quite complete and well detailed.

Crazy Kong – Technical Manual (B/W) 3.47MB 

This is a complete technical manual  scanned in B/W mode, quite clear and complete.

Crazy Kong – Technical Manual (Grey scale) 5.18MB

Here is another technical manual but it has been scanned in grey scale with more details even if a little bit dirty.

Fitter – Schematics 42MB

These schematics include the original envelope and very clear board schematics tables.

Frogger – Schematics 19.5MB

These are 2 pages Frogger boards schematics (Sound board and PCB) used in Zaccaria cabinets.

Frogger – Technical Manual 1.55MB

This is a standard technical manual describing wiring, power supply and coin management board without any detail about the game and the cabinet (control panel or other part).

Galaxia – Schematics 22.5MB

These are the complete Zelco Games Galaxia schematics. Not so clean but quite usable.

Hustler – Technical Manual 20.9MB

This is the technical manual customized by Seevend, the German distributor for this game. It ingludes wiring, game settings, power supply and coin board parts.

Jack Rabbit – Money Money to Jack Rabbit conversion instructions 2.04MB

This document describes how to convert Money Money game into Jack Rabbit. It includes boards description, ROM swap, game settings, 4/8 joystick positions modifications and (a never seen) topper.

Laserbattle – Schematics 69.9MB

Here you can find well done Laserbattle diagrams. They are complete with I/O mapping.

Laserbattle – Technical Manual 3.62MB

This is the complete technical manual, including cabinet and game description, wiring, technical parts.

Money Money – Schematics 5.70MB

These are really well done game schematics. Complete and very clear. Same board has been used for Jack Rabbit, so you ca use these schematics for both games.

Money Money – Technical Manual 14.2MB

This is the complete game technical manual, with cabinet description, control panel parts, wiring, power supply and coin management boards and game boards schematics (separately available above this file).

Mooncrest – Technical Manual 654KB

Very short manual with cabinet wiring, transformer connections and little more.

Phoenix – Service Manual 1.02MB

Here is the Phoenix service manual. In this case I don’t know why it has been called “Service” manual instead of “Technical” manual as Zaccaria usually did. Anyway it is quite complete with cabinet parts, wiring, settings, board components and control panel components.

Quasar – Technical Manual by US Billiards 1.92MB

This is the American version of the Quasar Technical Manual distributed by US Billiards. It doesn’t include the cabinet description but has the board schematics. US Billiard Quasar version was installed into a US Billiards cabinet with similar arts.

Quasar – Technical Manual 3.13MB

This is the European version of Quasar Technical Manual. It includes cabinet and control panel descriptions, parts list, wiring, power supply and coin board schematics.

Scramble – Technical Manual 16.1MB

Here you can find a complete technical manual. As usual board schematics are missing but the rest is well scanned and clear. Cabinet and parts description, wiring, power supply and coin management bosrd.

Sea Battle – Technical Manual 165MB

Huge technical manual I scanned trying to preserve much more details possible. Actually it’s a mix of two different manuals damaged in different parts. Both sources were copy of original manuals and in some cases are not centered and cut.

Sea Scare – Technical Manual 17.7MB

This is a complete technical manual. It includes cabinet description, control panel parts, wiring, wiring and electrical parts lost. Last page has a copy of the original envelope and the original board name hand writed on it:  Tomahawk – 777

Shooting Gallery – Technical Manual 183MB

This is the last dedicated cabinet made by Zaccaria. This manuals has game description, settings, cabinet set up, power supply diagrams, wiring, boards features.

Solar Fox – Technical Manual 21.1MB

This document seems to be a part of a technical manual; in fact it describes the game settings only, very well dettailed with general instructions and test procedures too.

Space Fortress – Technical Manual 3.39MB 

This is the SPace Fortress technical manual. It includes cabinet desctiption, control panel parts, wiring, power supply description and other important diagrams as Hantarex MTRV schematics (XY monitor) and boards schematics (sound board and PCB). Sound board includes a Zaccaria modification in order to traduce the digital video signal in analogical XY signal in order to use a Hantarex monitor instead of a Cinematronics.

Space Pirate – Cocktail Technical Manual 2.25MB

This manual includea all typical information of a technical manual but it is the unique document that describes a Zaccaria Cocktail Table in all its details, screw by screw. It includes boards schematics too, the same included in Space Pirate manual.

Super Cobra – Technical Manual 957KB 

The quality of this document is quite low but it is good enough to be used as reference. It includes cabinet description, control panel and electrical parts, power supply description and wiring.

Super Galaxian – Technical Manual 2.92MB

Very clean manual with cabinet description, control panel and electrical parts, game settings, power supply diagram, cabinet wiring and sound board schematics. 

Tactician – Mechanical Parts 2.43MB

This is the “Mechanical Parts” of the technical manual. It includes the most important elements of the original manual as cabinet description, control panel parts, power supply drawing and cabinet wiring.

The Invaders – Manual Packet 1.41MB 

This document includes some important information as cabinet wiring, board layout, monitor layout and schematics, power supply diagram, sound board schematics.

The Invaders – Schematics 10.0MB 

These are the game schematics. The document includes sound board, power board and monitor diagrams.

Tron – Technical Manual 2.08MB

This is the game technical manual. It includes most of the original Midway manual (as game test procedure and game settings) without the part that differs to the local version; in fact inside this document you can find Zaccaria cabinet and power supply description and other custom settings. This manual is quite complete. 

Turbo – Schematics 54.7MB

This package has the original envelope and includes the original PCB schematics as reported into the original user manual.

Turbo – Technical Manual 38.2MB

THis document describes the game using parts of the original manual (by Sega); in fact it begins with a troubleshooting guide from that manual and continues with the mechanical parts in which you can find all controls and the description of the board, including the switches settings. As the other Zaccaria manuals the document closes with the description of the power supply sections, including its diagrams.

Universal Type Z040-A2 – Technical Manual 17.7MB
Universal Type Z040-B0 – Technical Manual 14.0MB
Universal Type Z040-B7 – Technical Manual 19.1MB

These three manuals describe three generic cabinets sold without a game inside. They could be customized by the buyers for their purposes. A2 and B0 are common used cabinets while B7 is the last shape manufactured in the last period. 

PINBALL Parts Catalogue 111MB

This is a complete Pinball Parts Catalogue very detailed and well scanned